Sindhi Culture

Pakistan Sindhi traditional Products

Pehnlo is introducing you with our Sindhi Culture tradition which mainly includes many thing i.e: Sindhi tradition girls/women suits , shawls , embroidery shirts and kurtis and along with that we also include chaddar with karhai. its not only enough but we also include many other thing which rely basically on Sindhi Culture that are mentioned as follows : in the category of furniture we display the Sindhi traditional furniture and among that we also mention with the Sindhi hand-made traditional kursi (Chair) that are available in any specific color and in multicolored .

In Sindhi Culture tradition it is not only enough so here we also include some decorative material that makes the thing bloom by it, so we have also launched the Sindhi karhai hand-made cushion covers and for decorative purpose we provides the hand-made single or multicolored jhulas and multicolored hand knitted ralli which spread on the floor or may set on the bed for the good looking which makes the home attraction very impressive.

Here it is not enough for the tradition of  men as well as for women we include Sindhi Karhai topi,Ajrak and mufler  for men and the hand-made Sindhi traditional hand bags and pouches for women for carrying material on the way.