About Pehnlo


About pehnlo.com

pehnlo.com is the online shopping of Pakistan that provides cultural items for the wearing of every gender. We have revolutionized the pehnlo.com online shopping in Pakistan through our products and deals. pehnlo.com is full of cultural items and many new cultural products came under the pehnlo.com which are added at prefer able prices that can easily be paid and all the items are handmade and completed with a great stress maintaining every knot properly in its way. We not only look or work for the product but we also care about the customer because the customer service creates a great amount of trust among customer and seller over a long period of time.


Shipping Policy

pehnlo.com acquire the better and best shipping strategy in doing online shopping and deliver your products or items safely and secure in the nick of time. The shipping is done in every part of Pakistan and the offer for shipping or delivering your items is that we deliver your order in 3 to 4 working days except of holidays or any sudden strikes which stops working and the shipping charges is RS150 per item. It is only in such a case if you can’t do shopping over amount of RS3000. In such a case if your order amount reaches to RS 3000 or over this figure we are here to place your order penny less at your door step in a safe sound.

Privacy Policy

Our customer, buyers, viewers and competitors all are very important to us and each have their own sharing status with us. We care all about every visitors. pehnlo.com does not believe or in practice spamming.

We secure all the information provided by every visitor. We do not believe spreading or misuse the information of the customer. We keep all the date safely and securely without any other human intervention.

Terms and conditions

While accessing the site pehnlo.com you ensure yourself that you adult or above the age of 18 because it’s  e-commerce website. On daily basis orders are placed and are shipped to different region of country. The rate of any product may fluctuate without any prior notice to any user or customer. If any customer order a sample at any price and after that price fluctuate then in second time order the present price will be under consideration, no link with the previous prices. Once you order items and delivered at your door step can not be refunded at any cost, so think before you leep.